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One of our specialties is making home sellers money through our Pre-Market Home Transformation Programs. Some of our most successful transformations were once considered "unsellables." 



We tackle red flags, cosmetic updates, repairs, and potential buyer bargaining chips that not just help get it sold more quickly, but that increase your home's real and perceived value to put more money in your pocket at closing.

We're vested: We're not going to waste your money on that which won't increase it's value or get it sold faster. The less money you have to spend and the greater the value of your home "after," the better it is for us!

Providing a turn-key, trouble-free, move-in ready home for buyers gives us an opportunity to have an impact on both sides of the sale, which results in a "Win-Win-Win"  all around!

Real Estate

As a licensed real estate agent, I use comparative market analysis BEFORE you list to help determine how much and where to allocate your resources to maximize your return.

Thinking of buying an "unsellable?" We can help. A Wicked Wand will transform your fixer to move-in ready status all while increasing it's market value.

*Financing options may be available for qualified clients. 

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